Sunday, 30 March 2014


Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
That is all I can say today.
Oh my God.
It's 1:17am and I've just come back to the hotel after the Sydney show (Thirty Seconds To Mars, in case you haven't been paying attention). I have to be up in less than 4 hours, but I'm desperate to write all this down. And I know a lot of you want this (I love you for it, by the way), so I'm going to do my best...
Today was my third Meet and Greet with the band. I went to the Artifact screening in the morning (there's a post about that, too) and was rushed and stressed to get to the Meet and Greet venue in time. I was traveling with my wonderful friends Karan, her son Zack (who is 13 and awesome) Jenno, Hela and of course my mum. After the screening and the Q + A with Jared, we only had a few minutes to get back to Karan's hotel, change into clothes suitable for the pit and get into line. Jared was actually in the car behind us for a little while, so we weren't overly stressed about getting to the venue in time as we knew nothing could start without him.
Once we got to the hotel, we quickly got changed and went across the road to the venue. There were still people being signed in, but as we had been checked in by Reni at Artifact, we just went straight inside. We went to buy some merch and then it was time to go inside for the Meet and Greet.
We were last to get inside so we were standing right at the back. Reni came in and explained the rules (as always) and then the guys came in. They were in really funny and goofy moods, and were so full of energy. During the Q and A time Jared surveyed us again, this time asking us about which songs they should drop from the setlist in favour of adding The Race or Northern Lights. He suggested This Is War, Search and Destroy or Kings and Queens. I voted for Search and Destroy, but really, I'd be so sad it see it go. I wish they could just play every song at every show. Someone suggested that they just play a longer set, but Tomo said the curfew was very strict and it was very expensive when they go over time.
Jared also asked us about VyRTing the Carnivores Tour, and wanted to know if VyRTing the Hollywood Bowl again would stop us from watching it given that they did that last year. We all said no. He asked us if we liked Linkin Park, and wanted to know if he should sing some LP songs on the Carnivores Tour (YES YES YES YES). Someone asked if they could bring the Carnivores Tour to other countries, and J said they would see how it goes in the US first. He said there are "a lot of personalities and egos" involved, which could affect how it all goes. He spoke about the possibility of coming back to do Church of Mars in January, which I will be praying for every single day. Please, Jared. Please.
Jared mentioned the audience in at Melbourne show, and commented that they were very 'mellow'. It made me a little sad to know that he had felt it, too. It also confirmed what I suspected: He went out into the crowd during Closer To The Edge to try and get people excited. He also told us that he had broken his guitar on stage that night (which is so funny because Hela and I had just been saying that something was wrong with Artemis!) and mimed what had happened; he had tried to pop a balloon, his guitar got stuck inside it and he broke a string trying to get it back out again. I saw the whole thing from where I was standing in the seats that night, although at the time I didn't know what was happening. It was really funny to watch him tell it.
Throughout the Meet and Greet Shannon kept looking over towards where we (my mum, Bec, Hela and I) where standing, but he had his sunglasses on (of course) so we couldn't tell if he was looking at us or not. Bec and I kept looking at each other like "WHAT is he DOING to us??" It was very distracting...Not that I'm complaining!
After a few more survey questions about which album we discovered first and which songs they should play on the Carnivores Tour, it was time for the signing. This time I had my copy of A Beautiful Lie to be signed, and my mum had my copy of 30 Seconds To Mars (Or 'Welcome to the Universe', as Jared calls it). Once again the guys were being super sweet and making sure to make eye contact with everyone and say "Thank you". When it was my mum's turn Jared said "Hello again!" to both of us as he signed our covers, and Tomo said to me "Thank you for your support. We appreciate it." When Shannon signed my mum's CD she dropped it, and Shannon put his hand on her arm and said "Are you okay? You got it?" I was standing there staring like "HE'S TOUCHING HER" and she DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE! So undeserving. Haha. When I stepped in front of Shannon he looked up at me, grinned and said "It's so good to see you! Thanks for coming out again!" He held out his fist towards me and I just kind of stood there in shock like an idiot, so he kinda chuckled and said "Pound it!" I recovered my senses enough to give him a fist bump and he laughed and gave me my CD. I said "thank you!!" and literally ran over to my mum and Bec and told them what happened. Up until that point I had been planning to ask Tomo for a hug in my picture, but after that, I needed a Shannon hug. NEEDED ONE.
I was all jittery and excited in the line for the picture, and I was hoping I had the courage to ask Shan for a hug. After my mum had her picture taken I stepped up to Shannon and stopped and said "Can I please have a..." and I wasn't even done asking when he said "Surrrre!" and grabbed me and squeezed me against him. Like literally grabbed me. He had his arms around my waist so I put my arms above his and we stood there for what felt like an actual hour. I just kept thinking "Oh my God. What is even happening. He smells so amazing. Oh my God." My face was pressed up against his and his glasses were pushed into my temple, so I imagine his glasses are probably skewed in the picture. The hug lasted my entire life and then he finally let me go. He said "thank you" as I was walking away and I said "thank you so much!" I literally ran outside to tell my friends what happened, and as I did Hela followed me out (she was behind me in the line) and said "He just did not want to let you go!" I was so happy she said it before I had even said anything about it, because it confirmed (in my head, anyway) that the hug was extremely long compared to the other pictures I'd had so far. He held me so close for what was probably only like 30 seconds, but felt like an eternity. Oh my God.
When I was out in the line and talking about how amazing he smelt, I said "I feel like I can still smell him!" That's when I realized...I COULD still smell him. I smelt like him. The people around me may or may not have started to sniff me. I may or may not have started to sniff myself. You can't prove anything.
Once everyone had their pictures taken we got back in line to go into the venue. I started writing this post immediately (naturally) and committed every single detail to memory...Because oh my God, you guys. Oh my God.

I cut me out again, which also means that I had to cut Tomo out :( I'm sorry, Tomo. I still love you!!

Here's Tomo in that pic :3 I could never leave him out :)

Title Lyrics: Kings + Queens by Thirty Seconds To I LOVE THEM SO MUCH IT HURTS.

Title Lyrics: Kings + Queens by I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS.

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