Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Is this the end I feel?

Brisbane :)
After the Sydney show there was only one show: Brisbane. I barely slept at all after the Sydney show because I was so anxious about only seeing them one more time. How exactly does one come down from such a high?
My alarm went off at 5am and my mum kindly offered to get ready first so I could sleep in a little. It was a real struggle to drag myself out of bed as I was already pre-emptively depressed about the end of the tour. Silly, I know, but it is what it is.
We checked out and were at the airport by 6:30am. We said goodbye to Karan and Zack (who we travelled with) and checked in for our flights. While we waited we had breakfast and I tried not to cry. Haha.
The plane landed at 8:30am Brisbane time and we left our bags with Karan (who kindly agreed to keep them for us) and went exploring through the city. We found a quiet place to sit and I furiously tried to catch up on all my blog posts. The things I do for you all... :p No but really. I love you all for reading these :)
At about 11:30am my friend Bec had landed so we decided to go and hang out with her. The three of us spent the remainder of the day searching for a place to buy an umbrella as it had been raining all morning. Eventually we found one and we headed back to Karan's hotel to get changed.
Once everyone was dressed and ready, we walked through the park to Riverstage. The show was taking place outside, so I was a little apprehensive about the weather and set up. I was wondering how it would all go. As we approached the meeting area and I saw everyone lining up, I started to feel really sick. This couldn't be the last time I saw them. It couldn't.
While we were waiting in line my little brother and my dad arrived, as they were coming to the show with my mum and I. Originally it was meant to be my older brother who was coming, but he was feeling sick. Since my brother is only 12 my mum wanted to keep him with us so we could keep him safe, so we upgraded him to a Meet and Greet. That way he could be on the barrier with us surrounded by my friends. No one would be able to hurt him.
Reni was completely lovely as usual, and once again she just looked us up and checked us in without needing the tickets. I am amazed at how good her memory is. Reni, if you ever read this, I adore you. Thank you for everything. We waited in line for a little while, and then the gates opened and we all went into the venue. The signing table and picture area were both set up on the side of the stage, so we knew everything would be happening outside today. Reni came out and explained the rules, then Jared and Shannon came and stood on the stage. Jared welcomed us and thanked us for coming, and then went straight into taking questions. While he was talking to us Tomo came out as well, which was really good because I wanted a Tomo hug for my last picture. I had been hugged by Jared, hugged by Shannon, so now I needed a Tomo hug :)
The Q and A went quite quick and then it was time for the signing. I decided to get my VIP pass signed, as did my mum and my little brother. When it was our turn Jared said to my mum "Hello again!" and then to me "Shouting the little guy; I love it." Tomo smiled and said "thank you" and Shannon...Well. Shannon. Lol. When Tomo slid my pass towards him he picked it up and looked up at me. He said "Hello hello hello again! It's good to see you!" and then smiled that special-scrunchy-nose smile at me. I just smiled back like a stunned fool. Can you blame me?? He then put my pass back down on the desk, signed it and said "Thaaaaaaaank youuuuuuu" as he handed it to me. Good grief do I love him. Them. Mars :3
We then went back into the line for our pictures. I really wanted to hug all the guys, so I knew today I was going to ask Tomo for a hug. He had sort of been guiding people towards Jared and Shannon (out of habit I imagine) but when I felt him gently push me towards them I stopped, turned around to face him and said "Can I have a Tomo hug, please?" He was silent for a second and I got really scared that he was going to say no, but I heard Shannon say "Yep, it's Tomo's turn" and he pushed me into Tomo. I wrapped my arms around Tomo's waist and he wrapped one arm around me. After a second the picture was over so I said "thank you" and skipped up to where my mum was waiting. My only regret is that I didn't say "See you at the Hollywood Bowl" because I had really wanted to do that...Oh well :3 Can't have everything, I guess!
The pictures lasted maybe ten more minutes and then the guys left the stage. We were instructed to wait on the grass until it was almost time for the show to begin. The show. The very last show of the Australian tour. Gah. Don't leave us, Mars. Please don't go.
Title lyrics: 'Up In The Air' by Thirty Seconds To The Mars-Shaped Hole In My Heart.

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