Tuesday, 22 September 2015


There are too many things wrong with her. If she were a house, she'd have structural damage. She'd be riddled with termites and her roof would be caving in. She'd have electrical damage and no running water, there'd be irreparable fire damage in the kitchen and the bathroom would be hollowed out. There'd be a hole in the middle of the floor in the master bedroom and a colony of rabid rats living in the linen closet on the second floor. The staircase would be missing steps and the wood would be so weak from the termites that putting any pressure on it would cause it to crumble into dust.

There'd be pee stains in the living room from that time a group of homeless junkies squatted there, and all the windows would be broken. The front door would be hanging off its hinges and the back door would be kicked in. The walls would be littered with holes and there'd be piles of rotten garbage and dead bugs all over what remained of the floors.

Now tell me, if you saw that house, would you think, gee, let me spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of time and energy fixing that up, or would you be a sane person and say, they need to tear that place down.

Things that are damaged beyond repair should be thrown away or destroyed. That applies to people, too.