"If you believe in Thirty Seconds To Mars, it's part of your life."
~ Jared Leto

So I write about Thirty Seconds To Mars a lot. I can't help it. They are my motivation, my inspiration, and they are the reason I will ALWAYS fight for my dreams. I know not everyone will understand that, and I know some people will simply view me an over-obsessed fan. That's unavoidable and that's okay, but for those who want to know more, or for those who understand me and my complete adoration for this band, here is a collection of my Mars-dominated posts. I say 'Mars-dominated' because I'm quite sure they make an appearance in almost every one of my posts. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not. They make my life better, and they make me want to BE better. A better person, a better teacher, a better sister, a better daughter, a better friend, a better author. They make me feel like when I jump I might actually touch the sky, and I'm thankful every single day that I have them and The Echelon in my life. Maybe that makes me crazy and maybe that makes me weird, but you know what? I happen to LIKE being crazy and weird. I've never felt stronger, happier, or more myself than I do right now. Anything* that makes you feel this way CANNOT be a bad thing.


*Anything legal and drug-free, of course!
Although I was recently told that I sound like I'm on drugs...
Make of THAT what you will :p
This is the life on Mars.

NOTE: All the VyRT Violets have been removed from YouTube, so none of the links will work now. Sorry :( Hopefully they will be available on VyRT #soon.

An explanation of WHY Thirty Seconds To Mars mean so much to me.

I am Jared's burning desire to create.

A review of the documentary ARTIFACT, which chronicles the 2008/2009 battle between Thirty Seconds To Mars and EMI.

Victory can be yours if you have the will to win.

Jared's incredibly inspiring narration on a promo for the US Open that I'm pretty certain was made just for me.
I'm not egocentric; the universe just happens to revolve around me.

These are my confessions...If I'm gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all...

A post in which I try to prove that I listen to bands besides Mars...And fail.

I want you to stay.


All we need is faith...Faith is all we need.

Panic at the book store.


Jared would be proud.


My Thirtieth Post on the Thirtieth of September about the top Thirty Reasons Why I Love Thirty Seconds To Mars.
That's a whole lot of Thirty right there.

I fell apart...

...But have yet to get back up again because I am incapacitated by the feels.
Thirty Seconds To Mars at Radio 104.5's Studio Sessions.


I'm not actually sure how this post ended up being about Mars. It just did, okay?? Now if you excuse me, someone is calling me on my banana phone. I believe it is in regards to my order of vegan cupcakes.

Who I am hates who I've been.

Mars make everything better. They really do.

A thousand times that I have said TODAY, TODAY, TODAY...

When it comes to dreams, Jared Leto is seriously the most inspirational person on this planet.

A boulevard of hope and dreams; streets made of desire...

My thoughts on the new Mars short film: City Of Angels.

What a time to be alive...

My 2013.

Success is my only mother-fking option; failure's not...

These people are some of my biggest inspirations, so naturally the boys from Mars feature heavily in this post :p

No warning sign, no alibi...

Jared Leto on fear.



This is the life on Mars.

My week with Thirty Seconds To Mars on the #LoveLustFaithDreamsTour.
March, 2014. Best. Week. EVER.

Time to live. Time to love.

Just watch, okay? Just watch.

The 9 Phases of Post-Concert Depression

He goes and does this.

This Is A Call To Arms

READ THIS. Really. The entire WORLD needs to read this.

One life. One love. Live.

What do you live for?

In Defence Of Our Dreams: JARED

Dream as big as you want to, because anything is possible, no matter how bizzare.

Lost in the City of Angels

Three weeks in LA and on Mars.
Oh take me back to the start.

To find yourself just look inside the wreckage of your past.

It's funny how life works out, right?

And you pulled me out of the dark.

When you're ready to give up, remember why you held on so long in the first place.